Thursday, 30 March 2017

Soft Wispy Felt Tutorial

It has taken about 5 times as long as I thought it would, but I have finally finished my 'Learn to Make: Soft Wispy Felt Tutorial'.

I'm sure most of you have seen my pieces of soft, scruffy, felt piled with embellishment fibres:

And also the weird sculptural things I like to make out of them:

They're so enjoyable to make and so bright and 'happy' to look at. They were designed for a well-being class, with the intention that it’s virtually impossible to get a bad result. They're multi-layered, built up of fine layers of Merino and novelty yarns, to produce soft, fine, wispy, cobwebby felt that is pleasantly ‘scruffy’, ‘tassley’ and heavily decorated, so that even if they're wonky, threadbare, thick or holey in places, every one will still be a beautiful decorative piece.

There is lots of info in the tutorial with advice about supplies and equipment, though bubblewrap and margarine tubs is pushing it a bit to be called 'equipment'! :) I think the most expensive thing I use is the Olive Oil soap! Each piece only uses about 15g of wool, about 3 or 4 metres/yards of novelty yarns and a small handful of fibres, so it's great for a beginner's piece, especially for someone who has a generous friend to donate supplies to get them addicted to interested in wet felting! And there is also info on how to turn your flat piece into something even weirder for your friends to ponder 'but what is it for?' All the info is on the Information page, it's available as an 'instant download' (once you've received an email... can't make it too instant or Europeans will get stuck with an extra chunk of VAT!)


  1. Well done on completing the marathon that is otherwise known as 'writing a tutorial'. I'm sure it will be a success.

  2. Hola, me parece desde mi perspectiva o mi humilde opinión es, dar los nombres de los materiales y empezar de cero, porque hay muchas personas que somos lentas para aprender, esa es mi humilde comentarios, GRACIAS, SALUDOS

  3. Si hay alguien que nos ayude con los materiales, seria maravilloso, y hacer todo lo posible por salir adelante